My personal DISC-test

My personal DISC-test and DISC-profile


My personal DISC-test and the question: What is in it for me?

To perform your own personal DISC-test, first of all you will receive your personal access data to your personal online questionnaire. As a result of the online questionnaire, you will be able to download your own, individual DISC-profile in your personal, secure member area as a PDF file (optionally in printed form by post). This is a detailed and personalized report with a size of approximately 20 pages (depending on the type of test).


In addition to the result of your personal DISC-test, this report includes:

• Basic introduction to the DISC-model to better understand the result from your DISC-test.
• Overview of the DISC basic styles.
• Presentation and detailed explanation of your personal DISC style and what it says.
• Representation of your personal, individual “shading”.
• Analysis of the factors that influence your priorities at work.
• The DISC-test result shows your personal motivators, demotivators and stress factors.
• Depiction of your relationship with people with other DISC styles.
• Strategies for better co-operation with the respective DISC styles in the day-to-day business, in solving problems and conflicts.

In your personal member area you will receive detailed material for explaining the DISC model with interesting and valuable background information.


What is the procedure with your personal DISC-test?

After the purchase you will receive a confirmation email. This contains your invoice as well as the access data for your personal DISC-test. You will then do the complete questionnaire online, comfortably from wherever and whenever you want. All you need is a computer with internet connection. When you do the questionnaire, please make sure you are undisturbed for approximately 30 minutes so that you can do the complete test in one single session. Usually it will take no longer than about 20 – 30 minutes.


How does the DISC-test work?

The DISC-test is a modern online test, yet the test principle is based primarily on your own self-assessment. So, be as honest and as objective as possible when answering the questions during your personal DISC-test, otherwise, the test results and the evaluation may be blurred. The DISC-test is not based on a classic multiple-choice or false-choice questioning system, but uses modern and contemporary Likert scales.
In your DISC-test, you will receive more precise test results when you answer all the questions against one and the same background, so in one and the same environment: Take your working environment or private life, for example, but do not mix both, if possible


How can my personal DISC-test be useful for me?

The evaluation from your personal DISC-test is an important prerequisite for all further steps if you want to deal with the DISC model and apply it to your everyday’s life. This is true – regardless of whether you want to use the DISC model primarily for yourself and for your personal, individual development, or whether you see the DISC model primarily as a tool to help your fellow men, colleagues, customers, co-operation partners, employees, superiors, project partners and to build better relationships with them.

Self-awareness is always the first step. The result from your own personal DISC-test is where your exciting and promising journey begins.

In due course, you can either deal with the principles of the DISG model autodidactically, or you can develop with the aid of online or presence seminars.

This is all about possibilities to optimize the interaction with other types and how to avoid frequently made and typical mistakes.


What is my personal DISC-test about?
• Where are my own strengths and weaknesses, where are the strengths and weaknesses of the other DISC-types?
• What are my own stress factors, motivation factors, demotivation factors, drivers and interests, where are the ones of the other types?
• How can we build up trust and confidence in and with the other DISC-types? How do we react and behave best in conflict situations? What do we do so that no conflict situations come up?
• On basis of the results of our own DISC-test, we learn to understand the behavior of other people and develop a feeling for their own strengths and weaknesses.



Your consultant for all explanations to your personal DISC-test and DISC-profile

Martin Auer - Dozent

Dr. Martin Auer (MBA), natural scientist (PhD), MBA graduate with focus on b2b sales, founder and owner of the Science Sales Academy, more than 13 years of successful sales experience, DISC trainer license.
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My personal DISC-test and DISC-profile

My personal DISC-test and DISC-profile

My personal DISC-test and DISC-profile

With your personal DISC-test you receive:

  • Your own, personal, individual DISC profile
  • A detailed explanation of your own personal DISC style
  • An overview of the various DISC styles and your individual style compared to it. Provided as an online video in your personal member area. You have unlimited access in time and location without geoblocking. All you need is an internet connection. You can see everything as often as you like.
  • A presentation of your personal motivators, demotivators and stress factors.
  • Suggestions and strategies on how to improve your personal efficiency in the workplace.

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