DISC – The tried and tested model of behavioural preferences

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DISC – The tried and tested model of behavioural preferences

DISC – The tried and tested model of behavioural preferences

The DISC model divides behavioral preferences into four quadrants along two dimensions:

The behavior pattern „Dominant“ is located in the upper left quadrant (green, „D“). D types are strong, goal-oriented, determined and determinant, energetic and usually very direct.

In the upper right quadrant (red, „i“) the behavioral pattern „initiative“ is located. „I“ types are social people, mostly extroverted, easy to inspire and quickly enthusiastic, optimistic, lively and boisterous.

In the lower right quadrant (blue, „S“), the behavioral pattern „steady“ is located. „S“ types are primarily security-oriented, balanced, responsive, patient, tactful, and humble.

In the lower left quadrant (yellow, „C“) the behavior pattern „conscientious“ is located. „C“ types are rational and analytical, precise, detailed and systematic.

The personal and individual DISC type is determined by means of a modern questionnaire. This result is the basis for the understanding of both the own style as well as the other styles.

The following principles are important:
• The DISC model does not make any assessment: Each of the four DISC basic types is equally valuable.
• Each person carries something of every style. There are no pure types.
• The personal and individual DISC type is influenced not only by the predisposition but also by external factors, such as the life experience or the professional and social environment.
• To understand yourself better is the first step towards respect and recognition for the other DISC types and thus forms the basis for a more effective co-operation, be it in everyday business, for management tasks, in sales or in private sector.
• Using DISC, you will be able to better understand your fellow human beings. This will make it easier to build up more respectful and effective relationships with less friction points, even to the types that you have so far had difficulty accessing.

The DISC model from Wiley is a highly developed tool for the classification of behavioral preferences. The DISC profile, proven millions of times, is only available through certified trainers. It is available in over 30 languages and is represented worldwide. Continuous further developments ensure ever-improving test results: the statements and results in the new DISC generation have been improved by further 30%.

The DISC model convinces with an astonishingly high degree of accuracy. However, the true strength of the DISC model lies in the clarity of the statements and in the simplicity of the application. Thus, the classification of the behavioral preferences is particularly suitable for a „reverse“ assessment: the individual behavior patterns can thus also be applied to persons who have not done the test. The DISC model is therefore an infinitely valuable tool for sales and key account management.



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DISC - The tried and tested model of behavioural preferences

DISC – The tried and tested model of behavioural preferences

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