Conviction sells

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Conviction sells

Conviction sells

As salespersons, we are the direct interface between the company in which we are employed and our customers. Therefore, our function today is much more than only a representative of our company. We give our company a face, we reflect the values and character of our company to the outside, our personality colors rub off on our products.
If we see ourselves not one hundred percent in this expanded role, then the interface, which is supposed to link things together and which, in the times of change in sales, is the last hard defended bastion of our own existence, this interface can then quickly become something like a demarcation line. If it is not possible for us as salespersons at this interface, to convey uncompromising conviction, then we have a problem.


From the perspective of our customers, the contact with us salespersons is usually the only personal connection to our company and thus contributes a lot to our customer’s willingness to buy.
We salespersons represent the outward visible facade of our company, so we have to be convinced not only by ourselves, but also by our company and by our products.

For this purpose, all the interests and areas of our company should be of interest to us: we should internalize the company philosophy, we should have detailed knowledge about our products and services and we should be familiar with our own advertising campaigns and special campaigns. If there is a discrepancy between what we represent as a salesperson and the product our company offers, our customers will notice this very quickly. This discrepancy does not have to be graspable or tangible for the customer in explicit words.

It is enough, if the whole appearance is no longer in harmony, because then the emotional impression that we can leave behind the customer will suffer. Whoever as a salesperson does not live his own company and his own product, because he is not convinced, will not be able to convince others. If we as salespeople are convinced of our products and our company, when we stand behind them, everything in our customers‘ perception is made from one piece. This creates authenticity. And authenticity is the breeding ground for trust, which is one of our greatest assets in our exposed position. It is therefore worthwhile to put effort into our own conviction.

That is why our first step has to be the conviction of ourselves – long before it goes out to the customer for the first time. Interest in our company and our products is the first step. This includes, for example, informing about current events in the company, surfing regularly on our own homepage and having an overview of just ongoing marketing and advertising measures.

And we as salespeople of course are allowed to show that we do have this knowledge. We can show that we are part of the whole. For that makes us credible. This is how we can fit into the corporate identity as part of the external presentation of our company. Then it is also easier for us speak of “we” and “us” in our communication with our customers.

This is a very important signal: it shows the customer that the company has a community feeling and that all of them identify with the same goals. This, in turn, is associated with a good business climate and smooth communication within the company, which is a good thing for the customer. A good precondition for our sales success, right?



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